Don’t stress out your kids!

Parenting can be very difficult at times and parents can definitely get overwhelmed with everything because of their busy schedules! You work, do chores, take care of children, pay and worry about bills, have multiple responsibilities...just to name a few. Please be very careful not to stress out your kids. As hard as that may... Continue Reading →

Settle for more…

...Megyn contributes a lot of what she has learned and achieved from her parents and her family. She quotes specific dialogue from her mom and discusses her experiences throughout her life, experiences that have made her the person she is today. What I really enjoyed about her book is the fact that she consistently lets... Continue Reading →

Every child is smart and capable!

When I grew up, public schools used to classify students into the "smart" students, the "talented" students, the "gifted" students, the "not-so-smart" students, the "special" students; sound familiar? But where did that leave me (or you) who wasn't smart, who wasn't talented, or who wasn't gifted...(or so I thought)? It left me feeling bad about myself.... Continue Reading →

Raise your child to be strong and independent!

Be the one who helps your child to be a strong and independent person! What damages your child's self-esteem? Negative comments, criticism, abuse, neglect, lack of love, no support, conflict, etc. Negativity in a child's life will damage their confidence and self worth. We as parents need to build our child's self-confidence in order for... Continue Reading →

CONFIDENCE…do you have it?

Confidence is so important in life from the very beginning. Unfortunately, many of us struggle with this every day of our lives...until we decide to change it! There are studies that show that those who have confidence as an adult will have more success or achieve success over those who do not have confidence in... Continue Reading →


The best part of this story is that although his parents were not by his side, he always imagined having someone by his side. Throughout his life he was lucky enough to have people there for him encouraging him along the way. He imagined all that is good; he imagined the peace and glory of... Continue Reading →

…it’s humanity.

Humanity; the quality of being human or humane. Whether you agree or disagree with what is going on in the United States recently, according to illegal immigration, the only thing that matters is doing the right thing...doing the right thing for the children and their families. The act of taking children away from their parents... Continue Reading →

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