Right from Wrong?

Teaching children the right thing to do or say versus the wrong thing to do or say can be be tricky. First of all, we all need to know right from wrong before we even attempt to teach our children what is right and what is wrong. How do we determine right from wrong? Ask... Continue Reading →

A Mother’s Guilt? Part two…

There are so many parents who want to protect their children, but at what cost? So many parents say they want to protect their children from pain, but this is something we can't possibly do 100% of the time! Let's think about it...is this something that is healthy for your child, to be protected from... Continue Reading →

A Mother’s Guilt?

There are so many woman who would love to stay home with their children each and every day, but unfortunately are not able to do so because of the amount of money it takes to raise a child in this century. So many mothers say they stayed home with their first and/or second child, but... Continue Reading →

Hand washing…

...is cleanliness that is something some of us do and some of us do not. Bacteria is all around us, so why not wash our hands? Before we eat food that we will be ingesting; when we come into our homes from the outside world; before we cook or prepare food. Do you want to... Continue Reading →

Decisions; Choices; Life!

As our children become adults, they need to make decisions for themselves. It is so easy to help encourage our children to make the "right" decisions, but are they the "right" decisions that we want them to make for ourselves or are they the "right" decisions that we want them to make for themselves? Decisions made are... Continue Reading →

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