Unfortunately, divorce is something that couples may have to go through at some point in their lives. This is why, when it comes to divorce, there needs to be thoughts about this divorce from the point of view of your child/children. This is ultimately the end of their family unit! This is a word that may cause... Continue Reading →

Do all parents teach values?

I have always loved this poem by Dorothy Law Nolte, Children Learn What They Live:  I guess what I always loved about this poem is how true all of these statements actually are to a child. Each child will become what they learn from every person that is a part of their life. Thinking about... Continue Reading →

Now that school has begun or will begin, please make sure you purchase ALL the school supplies that are indicated on your child's school list for the first day or at least the first week of school. The students who do not have all of their items usually feel bad especially if the majority of... Continue Reading →

Raising your child…

I read an article, Raising Responsible Children by Graydon G. Goss, MD, which included a statement, "kids don't come with instructions." It hit me that because there is no guide-book, no text-book, absolutely nothing that can truly let each of us know exactly how to raise a child, it can all be very unsettling, unnerving, and... Continue Reading →

It is very easy for children to view inappropriate material on televisions, laptops, computers, smartphones. etc. There are many devices that have parental controls. Such controls can help to set limits on the amount of time spent on such devices. Some can help to restrict certain channels from being watched. You can block certain websites... Continue Reading →

Back to school…

Now that school has begun or it will soon begin (depending on your state), please make sure that your child understands how important school is by your attitude, by what you say, and by how you structure their school day (before and after school). Structuring their school day for when they get up in the... Continue Reading →

It’s the small stuff…

It's the little things that you do for your child and with your child that will mean the most. A smile of appreciation; a hug; playing a game; having a conversation; going to a sports game; reading a book; taking them to a movie; going shopping; visiting the grandparents; visiting friends; telling them you love... Continue Reading →


From the moment your child is able to feed themselves, is the moment they should feed themselves. You can have them sit in their highchair to eat chopped foods (beware of choking hazards) and let them feed themselves. This is the beginning of their independence which will also be their development of self-confidence. This is... Continue Reading →

Do the right thing…

What is the "RIGHT" thing when parenting? That is a great question and something to truly think about. The right thing to me is making sure you keep your child's best interests at heart and making sure every decision you make is the best for them. It doesn't have to be the best for you,... Continue Reading →

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